A thousand and five hundred notary members of the Indonesian Notary Association (INI) canceled going to the City of Batu, East Java to attend the Extended Central Board Plenary Meeting (RP3YD) on 18 to 20 March 2020. This was stated by the Central Board led its chairman, Yualita Widyadhari, SH with other management in Jakarta (15/3). Instead, this event will be held three months later on 8, 9 and 10 July 2020 in the same place. In a press conference, Yualita was accompanied by INI General Secretary Tri Firdaus Akbarsyah, SH, member of the Notary Central Supervisory Board, Fardian, SH, Banten Regional Chairperson Rustianah, SH and West Java Regional Board Chairperson Irfan Ardiansyah, SH and other administrators. The postponement of this event was mentioned because of the increasingly widespread Corona virus in Indonesia which was very alarming to members of the notary. This Extended Central Board Plenary Meeting (RP3YD) is one of the important agendas of the organization besides the congress. In RP3YD, organizational issues are discussed. In addition, a notary debriefing event was held in the form of scientific lectures for notaries throughout Indonesia. Yualita concerned and wanted to support the Government in tackling this outbreak so she should postponed an important event in Batu which was originally to be attended by at least 1,500 members. This delay is also to protect the notaries themselves, she said. According to Yualita, there is no report of notaries infected with the Corona virus. The committee prayed, all notaries survived this disease. Yualita stated that health issues were of high concern because the notary`s job was to serve people who were vulnerable to contracting. Besides the postponement of the RP3YD event, INI will also postpone the notary code of conduct which should be held in October 2020. Regarding hotels that have been booked, PP INI has held talks with hotel management to change its schedule, in July 2020. As for the plane tickets that have been purchased by each participant, PP INI expects the participants understand that this case is a force majeure

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