Dr. Agung Iriantoro, SH, MH, Sp.N.

A Notary in South Jakarta

At present all over the world is busy with epidemics caused by the corona virus. Including in Indonesia. The number of infected patients is increasing. Even more people died.

Regarding the infected, this disease does not seem to care about its victims. From ordinary people to ministers, infected the desease with "super special" spread.

Even the victim died, this disease seems to be a cruel executioner. It does not care about the social status of the victim. Prominent people also become targets.

Chairperson of the Indonesian Notary Association (INI) Yualita Widyadhari, SH and the officials, either central or regional officials gathered in Jakarta, stated the postponement of the Plenary Meeting Meeting of the Central Board of Directors (RP3YD) which was originally held in Batu, 18-20 March 2020.

INI caretaker invites all notaries to guard themselves from getting infected with this ferocious virus in various ways. Including maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of the office and home.

Senior Notary Dr. Agung Iriantoro, SH, MH is one of the INI administrators who is busy of carrying out office environmental sanitation management. The doctor of law who is also the Chairperson of INI Member Protection Division gave a statement to K. Lukie Nugroho, SH from medianotaris.com. We write the statement narratively.

In my office, activities related to cleanliness are routine daily activities that standard procedures have established.

In addition, my employees and I carry out cleaning activities on a comprehensive scale once a month. We usually do this on Saturdays around 2 to 3 hours.

But after the presence of corona virus, cleaning of office space is more intense, including cleanliness in the outside of the office. I also ask employees to clean door handles and handrails every day to the upper floors.

Now the view in my office is different from before. In every corner of the office, hand sanitizers are available, such as at the entrance, on employee desks. Meanwhile, for employees, I urge them to limit their relationship with other people at home or their friends. Because, if someone infected, he risks to transmit the virus to other office friends.

For the past two weeks the Land Office has not been operating so my employees have focused on working in the office. Even if having to leave the office, I tell them to bring a hand sanitizer. To maintain stamina and endurance, my employees are required to take vitamin C and imboost supplement that I provide at the office for body endurance. Anyway, all I ask is to take vitamin C and imboost, and also check body temperature.

I also remind all employees to follow the Government health protocol.

For that reason, I also oblige my employees to wear masks when working, including maintaining distance between employees (social distancing). But the way must be dealt with so as not to offend one another.

Well, how to service the client? For guests, we first select by telephone. If it`s not important, there`s no need to go to the office. If it is important, for example a signature, then I invite the client to come. Once he/she reach the office, he/she must clean his/her hands with a hand sanitizer.

For notary colleague, through the organization, we, the management, have recommended that all notaries always follow the health protocol from the government. We also limited the meeting. Right now we use internet to hold discussions.

As far as I know, if a person has been infected corona virus, the impact will last a lifetime

For that reason, I always recommend washing hands or bathing to the whole family before chatting or touching. It`s been 2 weeks, our family has never eaten out. This is a form of our concern for the government`s suggestion to keep a distance so as not to be infected with the corona virus.

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