Hundreds of Tangerang Regency Notaries / PPAT Bicycling Happily "Gowes" in BSD City
Celebrating the 112th anniversary of the Indonesian Notary Association (INI), Tangerang Regency Regional Management of the Indonesian Notary Association (INI) collaborated with the Association of Land Deed Makers (IPPAT) held cycling together in BSD City Serpong on Saturday morning (Saturday) ( 7/11/2020).
Besides attended by the INI Chairwoman Yualita Widyadhari, SH, this event was also attended by the Chairperson of the Banten District Administrators Rustianah, a number of INI management officials, as well as the Tangerang District Administrators. Management of Land Deed Making Officials did also not miss the event. The event which was attended by around 100 participants took place from 6 am to around 10 am. A number of participants also brought family members.
According to the Committee Chairman, Mohammad Abror, this activity was the first "gowes" held by the Tangerang District Administrator along with the Association of Land Deed Makers. This event will be held regularly, every two months.
"This activity is a means of establishing friendship and intimacy even though it is still in the co-19 epidemic. But we have not forgotten the health protocol by carrying a mask and keeping a distance when cycling," he said. In addition they held this event as well as a means to establish relationships with agencies related to the notary profession.
The committee deliberately made this event able to accommodate all participants with different abilities, ranging from beginners to those who are used to cycling. So that the cycling distance is only about 15 kilometers along the BSD City Region.
With this event we also hope that we will create intimacy between members of notary ties and officials who make land certificates, especially those who work in Tangerang Regency.
Meanwhile Chairman of the Tangerang Regency Regional Management Al Farabi Angkat stated that the event was originally held specifically for members of the Tangerang Regency, but eventually it extended to members throughout Indonesia, including the notary motorcycle hobbyist group.

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