Dr. Made Pria Dharsana, SH, MH

Senior Notary in Bali In responding the spread of coronavirus covid-19, Bali Notary, Made Pria Dharsana is not different with other notaries; keep extra clean than usual, reducing office activities, activating client relationships through the internet. A physical meeting with a client will be held when signing, or urgent only The following is an explanation by Made Pria Dharsana in speaking style:

In a situation plagued by the Covid 19 epidemic we open a limited-hour office. We open the office for something very important. We reschedule our existing clients. If it is very important, we meet up and remind each other to keep in distance and no shaking hands. Aside from these important needs, we close the office and employees work at home. Even last week our office closed at 1pm. I don`t think it`s a problem because the client`s office is closed, business activities is also reduced.

Most communications done by email and social media When we should work in the office, we keep in distance. Each employee must wear a mask. Office room is cleaned with antiseptic and tissue. Everyone often wash their hands with soap. We also distributed hand sanitizers to take home. We strive to comply with health protocols recommended by the government for all activities, not only at home but also in the office, everywhere. Besides, we maintain health by regulating our diet, exercise and others.

I personally do not have difficulties in organizing my daily activities, from receiving consultations, opening references to writing. I do all the activities as usual. Even in the past few days, I, as the Chairperson of Legislative for Indonesian Notary Association (INI) and Official of Land Deed Makers, still fulfilled the organization`s call to support a notary colleague involved in legal issues in West Papua.

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