The Regional Board of Land Deed Official Association (IPPAT), East Java, Indonesia, held a social service in order to cope with the economic impact of Corona Virus (Covid-19) on the community(3/4). The Indonesian land deed officials` activity was carried out in collaboration with the East Java Regional Land Office, Indonesia to help the surrounding community in Surabaya, East Java. The IPPAT of east Java, Indonesia leader who organized this activity was Notary Isy Karimah Syakir, SH. While from the East Java Regional Office was Head of East Java Regional Office Drs. Heri Santoso. The assistance provided is in the form of food, namely rice, oil, sugar, noodles, crackers and healthy drinks around 200 pax for daily workers who are vulnerable to be economically affected by the Covid 19. They include, among others, motorcycle taxi drivers on line, taxi drivers, pedicab drivers, parking attendants and others. This assistance came from raising funds from members of the East Java IPPAT and the East Java Regional Land Office, Indonesia. Interestingly, they also plan to provide medical equipment in the form of Personal Protective Equipment to hospitals in Surabaya, including Surabaya Islamic Hospital, Hajj Hospital, and Dr. Soetomo. At present the personal protective medical clothing is being ordered.

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